Our products and packaging

Our world-class cracking and processing facility has opened up new and exciting opportunities for Australian-grown walnuts. At Walnuts Australia, we are able to offer two product lines to our retail and wholesale customers – in-shell and walnut kernel. 

Our expanded packing capabilities means we can produce a range of size and packaging solutions, from retail pre-packs (500g) through to 10kg vacuum-sealed cartons for kernel products and in-shell 10kg and 20kg bulk packs. When you bulk-buy walnuts from us, flexible size options are available.

At Walnuts Australia, we are committed to producing quality walnuts:

  • Our products all undergo rigorous internal and external testing across critical control points.

  • Prior to final inspection, our kernel products are electronically defect graded, sized, cracked, twice aspirated, and laser sorted. 

  • By utilising automatic blending, we can deliver flexible package sizes in our kernel products.

  • We pack to EU and US industry standards as well as having capability to meet individual customer specifications.

Walnuts Australia products