Cracking and processing

Walnuts Australia's purpose-built walnut cracking and processing facility gives us the capability to supply fresh in-shell and walnut kernel product lines to domestic and world markets by streamlining walnut production – hulling and drying, through the grading and packing.

Our capacity to respond to an increase in demand for Australian walnuts has also been bolstered, with the customised walnut silo storage improving our bulk-handling efficiencies and reduces waste.

Fitted with the latest technology, the 5000-square metre, sophisticated operation allows us to be able to efficiently harvest and process Australia's largest walnut crop to global standards, including:

  • World-first three-way freefall walnut laser sorter (less handling, better kernel quality)

  • Multi-stage walnut shellers (preserves kernel quality)

  • Rock and debris separation 

  • Drying bin automation.

Located in Leeton, New South Wales, the world-class facility completes Walnuts Australia's vertical integration, in other words, full traceability and product control

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