Our orchards

Walnuts Australia's orchard portfolio includes a combination of joint venture, investor-funded, private ownership and company-owned orchards located in Tasmania (Swansea) and New South Wales (Tabbita, Leeton and Avondale) – that's approximately one million walnut trees

In our orchard estate, we have a strong mix of varieties including, Chandler, Howard, Tulare, Vina, Lara, Serr and Ashley, as well as the remarkable red kernel variety, Livermore. The scale of Walnuts Australia’s orchards is illustrated by orchard rows spanning up to five kilometres long!

Walnut trees thrive in a seasonal climate – warm summer and cool winter – where there is a reliable water supply (irrigation). In Tasmania, our orchards benefit from state-of-the-art mini sprinklers and the dripline system in New South Wales, which supports successful fertigation.

The annual walnut crop ripens in autumn:

In New South Wales, harvesting begins in the first week of March and starts in Tasmania about a month later (with the US harvesting in October).

After the trees are shaken, the walnuts are swept into rows on the orchard floor where a harvester picks them up – and tips its load at the intake facility.

Walnuts are then hulled. Once the hull is removed, the walnuts in-shell go into an on-farm, gas-fired drying bin for up to 36 hours to reduce moisture.

Dry walnuts are emptied from the drying bins and placed into storage containers ready for grading and processing.

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