About Walnuts Australia

Walnuts Australia is the Southern Hemisphere's largest walnut orchard owner, manager, producer and marketer of walnuts. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Webster Limited, Walnuts Australia produces approximately 90 per cent of the Australian walnut crop.

Our business is vertically integrated, from nursery through to market, where we offer both in-shell and walnut kernel products both locally and globally. Walnuts Australia grows a range of walnut varieties and supplies fresh walnuts in the counter-season to the Northern Hemisphere.

Walnuts Australia established its first commercial-scale walnut orchard in 1996 in Tasmania and continued expanding its orchard footprint into the NSW Riverina region in 2004. 

Our world-class orchards, state-of-the-art cracking and processing facility and best practice food traceability systems make Walnuts Australia a safe, consistent and reliable producer and supplier of premium walnuts.

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